Scream ★★★★

Part of the Cinemonster's challenge: (I cannot pretty link, deal with it)
I decided that I wanted to actually do more than 31, if possible, so I'm starting this one quite soon. Onto the review:
Finally, after 10 years, I understood all the jokes in Scary Movie. And a couple problems I had with this movie was exactly that, I was familiar with Scary Movie and so I knew a lot of the story progression, but I won't give any negative points for that, as it's not the movie's fault.
As it's own Scream is quite the entertaining movie, playing more as a tribute to the 80's horror movies than anything else. It has all the cliches of slasher movies, but it is supposed to have, but at the same time it actually has a realistic take on the genre, thing that a lot of the main movies in the style do not. Having the killer actually take a beating is a double edge sword, it is more realistic, yes, and it makes sense in the end reveal, more so than it would be if it was a Jason style of killer that appears, kills and disappears like magic. This one takes quite the beating, but on the other side, it takes some of the scare factor, which together with the fact that I associate the killer with Scary Movie, makes me not fear him at all.
While not the masterpiece I've heard being called, Scream is definitely a good horror movie, but one that entertains more than it scares.

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