Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club ★★★½

Dallas Buyers Club is an incredibly life-changing film. It's not only about battling AIDS, but also enjoying little things in life. Despite the miserable feeling going through the film, it never turns into a pitiful experience.

Matthew McConaughey just changed beyond recognition. He is absolutely mesmerizing. His character has a very poor lifestyle, got nothing to lose and is basically at his lowest point. And Matthew captures every aspect of Ron Woodroof brilliantly. He could have been the only highlight of the film if not for Jared Leto. This man went the extra mile and almost starved himself to the point where it became dangerous. Dallas Buyers Club can actually be the best example of what happens when both actors dedicate themselves to the roles. Jennifer Garner here seems as normal as it can get, but her interactions with both characters was lovely.

Dallas Buyers Club is pretty simple, but effective film that touches many different subjects besides the battle with AIDS. It doesn't solve anything miraculously, nor it tries to persuade anyone to change their views. But what it does is shows that no matter who you are, you can end up in the same shithole together. And at this point, there won't be any time for all this prejudice.


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