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  • Aguirre, the Wrath of God

    Aguirre, the Wrath of God


    Aguirre, the Wrath of God is an enthralling adventure that follows a group of Spaniards in 1560 as they tromp through the Amazon in search for the lost city of El Dorado.

    With a skeleton production crew of only 8 people, no stuntmen, and a minuscule budget of $340,000, it’s absolutely remarkable watching what Werner Herzog was able to create. The amount of sheer dedication it must’ve taken to complete this film is visible in every shot.

    There is a…

  • Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters


    Lucio Fulci’s tropical undead nightmare Zombie Flesh Eaters (Zombi 2) stands up tall next to the likes of Romero’s “of the Dead” films as being the absolute pinnacles of the genre.

    The calming sun-drenched Caribbean island aesthetic is perfectly contrasted by the phenomenally terrifying practical effects by Giannetto De Rossi. The vibrant colours of the island landscapes along with the tranquil blue ocean is juxtaposed against disgusting maggot riddled corpses coming to gouge your eyes out and tear your throat…

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  • Brawl in Cell Block 99

    Brawl in Cell Block 99


    S. Craig Zahler’s sophomore feature film Brawl in Cellblock 99 is a gritty and gruesome throwback to classic grindhouse cinema. 

    From the moment Vince Vaughn’s character Bradley obliterates his girlfriends car with his bare hands I was completely sold on his physical prowess. Bradley is a fucking monster, dispatching guards and inmates with hyper violent kills like that of a slasher villain in a horror movie. Arm snapping, head crushing, face smearing, it’s a smorgasbord of people getting decimated.


  • The Magic of Oz

    The Magic of Oz

    I don’t know what makes this cartoon creepier, the unpleasant and unfinished animation, or the fact that it’s origins are completely unknown. 

    It was discovered by animation historian Jerry Beck back in 2010, when he cited The Magic of Oz as being one of the worst cartoons ever made. Seemingly lost to the depths of time, Beck’s hypothesis dates it back to the early ‘60s but evidently it could’ve been much earlier.

    All of the names attached to this project…

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  • Suspiria



    Suspiria continues to be a fever dream that I have yet to wake up from...

    The dazzling lighting, mesmerizing Goblin theme mixed with the euphoric aesthetic left me utterly entranced   4.5/5

     (ʘ   ʘ )

  • Deliverance



    Seeking Deliverance through a voyage down a backcountry river, a group of men embark on a canoeing trip that quickly becomes a story of survival, turmoil and trauma. 

    I only just recently discovered Deliverance while doing research for my Just Before Dawn review, where it was cited by director Jeff Lieberman to be the main inspiration. After watching both films, it’s safe to say that Lieberman wore his influences on his sleeve which to be fair, if you’re going to…