Queen of Earth

Queen of Earth ★★

For the most part, Queen of Earth didn't do anything for me. Good acting, good cinematography, GREAT score, but the writing was weak, so I was always aware I was watching people act, which is always an unpleasant thing. I don't know, I'm pretty alone in this, but I feel like Alex Ross Perry mimics other directors' styles so intensely (Polanski in this, Woody Allen in Listen Up Philip), and so the end result always comes off lackluster and disingenuous. Like, seriously, the font used for the title credits is the exact same used in Rosemary's Baby. Like I said, I'm probably alone in this, since most people are praising Queen of Earth to high heaven, but I don't think ARP is that great. Similar to Ryan Gosling's debut, his films say more about the films he likes than anything else. As far as I can tell, there is no cohesive style to him, other than being able to create the most aggravating, dickish characters I've ever come across.

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