Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★½

Bodies Bodies Bodies sets out to display a sensual satire on Gen Z, as sophomore director Halina Reijn spins a thirsty web of intrigue, misunderstanding and hatred. Enamored with lush nihilism, this whodunit stars a diverse set of players that all boast a problematic personality. They’re all unfathomably rich, but they can’t seem to cut themselves free from the petty behavioral patterns that run amok amongst them.

Grudge after grudge tears through the group on a stormy night as vile remarks start to accompany the showering rain. The film’s debauchery stems from a classic murder-infused game of “who’s the killer” and the characters creep through the mansion trying their best to avoid “being killed”. Slowly but surely, the privileged posse start to lose control as a decent dose of terror begins to tremble in tandem with the shadowy interior.

Every effective slasher (my favorite being Scream) showcases a mysterious dance between what the camera shows and what remains unseen. Bodies is no exception and Reijn keeps you on your toes. Duetting the splendid genre language is a near-perfect collection of trendy buzzwords that encircle these seemingly vapid personas that inhabit the characters. While that could come across as “haha, let's all laugh at the phony zoomers”, it blends nicely with how real and fleshed out these people are. They don’t feel like a cliché, which the script does well to materialize as the plot thickens.

Its biggest strength though is how your struggle to figure out the mystery is directly mirrored in the characters. They have equally no clue as to what’s going on and the wonderful twist at the end completely seals this niche package as a late summer fun ride.

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