Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★

“Beautiful people never know who to trust.”

Broken and selfish warriors given a chance to patch things up, forgive themselves, and make their futures a tiny bit better. I’m still amazed by how incredibly James Gunn balances humour and emotion. This somehow manages to be both the funniest movie in the Marvel universe and also one of its most emotionally rich experiences. The humour in this movie very rarely comes at the expense of the drama, somehow adding even more depth to its characters. There are so many perfect moments in this movie it’s ridiculous, and it’s an outlier in the MCU in the way it takes pleasure in its own construction and allows the filmmaking to really stand out. The scene where Yondu goes absolutely berserk on the ravagers is so indulgent in its action and so gleefully proud of its violence I can hardly believe Disney let it happen. It’s a miracle that they were smart enough to rehire James Gunn for the next one cause there’s no one who could craft another story with these characters that would have the same idiosyncratic edge, that tough love for its characters, and that wonderfully wacky humour that permeates this movie. 

Best movie in the MCU.

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