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  • Colin in Black & White

    Colin in Black & White

    Damn a bit cheesy no Green Bay & def cringe in some scenes. But def Disney like with the come up story from Birth all the way up to his College Scholarship to Nevada. Even saw Matt Staffords on that ESPN 100 lol.

    I was Today's year old to find out he was adopted and had White Parents. I knew nothing about this kid b4 he entered the NFL.

    My fave scenes were all the Black History and inspiration montages thru…

  • Belfast


    Kenneths best work in a while after some recent flops. Nice Easter egg with the Thor comic lol. Stellar cast & are all great following Kenneths lead. Def a crowdpleaser & love letter to Belfast during its dark times.

    We see the Film thru Buddy's innocent eyes & he is the heart and soul of the movie. The grandparents ❀. Kinda like a Diet version of Life is Beautiful tryna capture the innocence around the darkest period in Northern Ireland history.

    Def nostalgic…