Old ★★

Old is an emotionally inept piece of work with a high concept premise that becomes more and more thoughtless as the runtime withers away. This has visuals of an established director with a really neat body horror moment and some genuinely funny laughs parsed throughout, but what it amounts to, after a pitiful swing for the fences, just doesn’t make the slightest bit of contact. Gael García Bernal and Vicky Krieps are both fine actors, but for the allotted screen time they’re wrapped up in, combined with thrills that just aren’t paying off, the heavy handed and life affirming moments are supposed to bring the emotion together, but instead it feels as weightless as any of the side characters reflection of their own lives. The unnecessary exposition isn’t helping the film either, and adds a laughable layer to a suggested purposeful message at the center. Alas, the twist, which is unable to extract anything from the viewer either intelligently or just for an entertaining shock. If anything, my biggest compliment to M. Night is that there’s an unpredictability behind these first viewings and you never know what you have until it’s all over. Unfortunately, this falls far off from his best efforts for me.

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