Mr. Klein

Mr. Klein ★★★★½

In another world, Joseph Losey’s wonderful 1976 classic would be a riotous doppelganger flick – Alain Delon is a brilliantly amoral art dealer in Paris, casually making money off people in desperate need and thinking nothing of having casual affairs with his best friend’s wives. A case of mistaken identity leads him into a slow, downward spiral of his own obsession with finding out who this other ‘Mr Klein’ is, often to the point of where his judgements around his own personal safety are now seriously compromised…

But setting this in Paris in 1942, just as the Vichy Government were beginning to round up Jews (his doppelganger is seemingly Jewish) on behalf of the occupying Nazis elevates this significantly, with those notions of personal obsession, destiny and karmic fate, taking on a much more symbolic and terrifyingly mythic status given that infamous time and location.

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