The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

A ghost-adjacent story, a psychological thriller, a reality-bending horror, a gross out comedy, a bromantic character study, and a irrepressible sea shanty. Each idea and genre sloshes into the next one like a jug of gruesome lighthouse moonshine, blending into something hideous and addicting. 

Much like the characters, I completely lost track of how long I was here and what was real or half-remembered or dreamed, and I could’ve kept watching it forever while I also was desperate to be freed from it’s oppressive enchantment.

It should be no surprise because they are both accomplished and astonishing actors, but both Pattinson and Defoe took these characters and went full steam ahead. They are both constantly gripping and delightful and terrifying and disgusting.

I have to think on it more, read other takes, consider what it leaves me with, but at first blush, this is an astonishing follow-up to THE VVITCH, a near perfect movie.

“Lighthousing” is the new “gaslighting”.

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