Zodiac β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

my aesthetic is newspaper clippings pinned up on a bulletin board in an organized yet haphazard-looking way. incredible work, jake gyllenhaal, you're doing amazing sweetieπŸ‘πŸΌ

I definitely went into this thinking jake gyllenhaal('s character) was the zodiac killer, so for the first 30 minutes I was confused. even though I had seen the 20-minute buzzfeed unsolved crimes video ABOUT THE UNSOLVED ZODIAC KILLER CASE

when I realized gyllenhaal's character wasn't the zodiac killer, I became deeply attached to him. protect him, give him the world, he's too pure.

robert downey jr. made me laugh with just a single facial expression. he invented acting; lol sorry I don't make the rules

"when's the last time you ate something?" literally me @ tanner staab, no joke

zodiac killer suspect: I'm left handed

the writing was absolutely incredible. even the most seemingly mundane scenes (ex. the conversation about trying japanese food) were purposeful and paid off in the end. I'm in awe.

interesting IMDb trivia:
1. "robert graysmith and paul avery were not actually friends. their relationship is fictionalized for the film" this makes me so sad but I guess not everyone can have great chemistry like jake gyllenhaal and robert downey jr

2. "the only real comment that robert graysmith said about the finished screenplay was 'god, now I see why my wife divorced me'" if this is true, I'm screaming. sidenote: I usually can't stand to watch movies where a man gets so entrenched in his work that he sacrifices his family/relationships, BUT...

3. "the shooting script was 200 pages long. to prevent any problems with length that such a long script might cause, david fincher decided to ask his actors to speak faster" this honestly explains so much. I couldn't keep up in certain partsΒ 

by the end of the film, I was saying "story checks out" every thirty seconds when robert was explaining who he thought the killer was. THE LETTERS STOPPED, BINCH

despite this film's length, I was never bored once. the cinematography, direction, writing, production design, score, and level of detail (however accurate, I don't know) were astounding. zodiac is one of my new favorite films.

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