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Hooptober 8

My dad was always not a fan of horror. He was a young teen growing up in what some consider the best decade for horror, the 80s and had some experience with the genre but never liked it. That naturally reflected in his parenting in how I didn't really get any exposure to horror of any kind, really like not even the family friendly stuff. The closest I got to horror for the longest time was that barracuda scene in Finding Nemo. I totally get and respect the conscious decision to shield his children from the horror genre but this challenge is sort of catching up. Wanted to expand my horror taste and nothing expands quite like a Letterboxd challenge…

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  • The Cremator
  • Bones
  • Nothing Bad Can Happen
  • Ganja & Hess
  • The Church
  • House
  • Def by Temptation
  • The Quatermass Xperiment
  • The Cat and the Canary
  • Ringu
  • Gamera: Guardian of the Universe
  • Pumpkinhead
  • Dracula
  • The Antenna
  • The Wicker Man
  • The Prowler
  • Jack Frost
  • Scanners
  • Eaten Alive
  • Ju-on: The Grudge
  • The Burning
  • Piranha 3DD
  • Pray 2: The Woods