RRR ★★★★½

A thunderous blast of an action spectacle. S.S. Rajamouli's newest has become a word-of-mouth sensation recently, and even to someone as largely ignorant of the strengths of Indian cinema as I am, RRR (Rise Roar Revolt) reveals itself as a ridiculously entertaining action epic that never ceases to be anything less than gripping for the entirety of its three-hour runtime.

This film is everything at once: it's a historical epic and a document of British colonialism; it's an extensively choreographed action extravaganza with massively glorious set pieces; it's a tale of friendship and camaraderie; it's a superhero tale and a visual feast. And because, obviously, everyone would feel like it's missing in such a combination, it's also a musical.

A bold and nail-biting treat that never outstays its welcome, RRR seems destined to be experienced on the big screen (which makes me regret that I only got to see it through Netflix on an undeservedly small screen). Is it flawed? Of course it is, but if you suspend your disbelief at some writing decisions, it is one of the great adrenaline-fueled action spectacles of recent years. Loved it.

Included in: 2022

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