Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation ★★½

Jim Jarmusch's first film from when he was fresh out of film school. And Permanent Vacation is everything you would expect from that first sentence - typically Jarmuschian idiosyncracy and bizarre characters, alienation and questioning the meaning and abstractness of life and its turmoils.

I feel like Jarmusch captures some interesting moments of character identity, and he manages to paint an illustrative picture of New York City. However, even though many of his directorial trademarks are already visible and will continue to mark him as one of the most obscure, yet recognizable directors with his very personal style, most of Permanent Vacation is still too barebone and not nearly fleshed out enough to compete against the rest of Jarmusch's filmography. Probably only suited for die-hard fans of the director, or film students who are looking for the roots of the careers of successful and acclaimed directors.

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