I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★★

"Hell, if your whole enterprise isn't the perfect example of the American dream, I don't know what it is."

What an absolutely delightful thriller this is. J Blakeson's I Care a Lot is deliberately edited, shockingly well-written and wonderfully acted. Every single scene is a goldmine.

Rosamund Pike's performance is in the same league as Sarah Paulson's performance in last year's Aneesh Chaganty's mother-daughter thriller Run, except the source material is a little more multi-layered and complex here. In fact, imagine Run with the editing style of last year's Bad Education and a healthy dose of Hustlers energy, set in the world of Eastern Promises and coupled with a few 'SHE DID NOT' moments, and you might get close to what this is. Some scenes come off as campy, especially Nicolas Logan's exaggerated turn, but that's exactly the kind of style I love and that made me enjoy the hell out of this entire film.

Add to that Pike's marvelous chemistry with Eiza González, a genuinely outstanding turn by Dianne Wiest, who continues to have a captivating presence in her more recent roles, and Peter Dinklage, who I'm really happy to see in something as exciting as this, and you have a hit in your hands. But really, Pike is the star of the show, and I Care a Lot is relentless, unhinged and an absolute rollercoaster of emotions that I loved every single minute of. Also... what an ending! There's a point where they could have easily finished this story, and I was already rolling my eyes internally at how this would be stretched out for ten more minutes, but those ten minutes are really what rounds the story out and gives it its final touch.

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