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This review may contain spoilers.

I feel like HORSE GIRL had a lot of potential, but was never able to build up on its intriguing premise and lost itself in its attempts to explore the complex subject of mental illnesses. Thanks to a superb performance by Alison Brie, who successfully keeps a balance between compelling entertainment and uncomfortable seriousness, the film is still interesting enough on a broader scale, but the storytelling falls flat. I had hopes throughout the entire film that the story would be brought to a conclusion and Alison Brie's character would receive some closure; instead, the ending feels like a mess someone fresh out of film school would come up with, and it's something we have seen so many times before that I just couldn't help rolling my eyes.

It's a shame, because I was really prepared to give it a higher rating, but about thirty minutes before its ending, Jeff Baena's direction lost me completely. Her descent into madness is well portrayed, but I don't think that this film will have made a lasting impact on me.

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