Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

The conclusion to the Fear Street trilogy is a reckless assault of the senses that overwhelms you with bright images, loud music and snappy editing for a two-hour thrill-ride that seems predominantly occupied with not letting its less attentive audience members get bored for a single moment.

And yet, it works. Spearheaded by Kiana Madeira's committed performance, 1666 is a worthy conclusion to a trilogy that seems to be more of a nostalgic look behind than a step into a new direction. Yet, for what Leigh Janiak and the team behind this series wanted to achieve, the trilogy delivers exactly what you might have asked of it.

For those who already disliked the first two parts, this conclusion will likely not be able to change your mind for the better, but it's a formula well-applied that seeks to satisfy those who are allured by the nostalgia-infused story and the promise of a throwback to the classics of the teen slasher subgenre. For me, that makes it anything but a disappointment.

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