Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★

Watching Ridley Scott's Exodus was the perfect decision for me: I had been unproductive in my attempts to study for an upcoming exam all day long, but as soon as the utter boredom of Scott's biblical epic started washing over me, my motivation to finally get off my lazy butt to start studying increased significantly.

So, this basically became background noise during my Friday afternoon, but I had watched so many bits and pieces over the years that I still feel confident enough to give a two-star rating and not feel like I'm not doing the film the justice it deserves. The visual effects are grandiose and invite for an oversized spectacle, but that's pretty much all this film has going for it. Next to a white-washed cast that is filled with an ensemble where nobody seems to really fit their parts, Exodus: Gods and Kings just does not have much of interest to say, and feels too generic and safe to sparkle much interest.

That being said, I still find tremendous enjoyment in the classic historical epics such as Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia or The Ten Commandments, but this basically felt like Ridley Scott wanted to do another Gladiator, except in a biblically inspired environment, and the nostalgic and historical value that feels present with those aforementioned films just never became apparent for me with this one.

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