Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity ★★★★★

Double Indemnity is a film that I absolutely cannot believe I haven't seen earlier, but in my opinion, this needs to be counted among the best films ever created, and will always remain one of my very favorites.

While watching the film for the first time, I thought that its one single flaw may lie in the way the romance was built up by the screenplay, which may appear a little abrupt in certain instances, but that shouldn't even be counted as a flaw, for every single moment of dialogue makes total sense at the end of the film. And it's absolutely brilliant. Perfection. An execution so sharp and thrilling and compelling that it knocked me off my feet.

Barbara Stanwyck gives a flawless performance as the ultimate scheming femme fatale, accompanied by Fred MacMurray who may be the weaker actor of the couple, but stil has more than enough charisma to pull off working alongside someone of Stanwyck's craft. Edward G. Robinson and Jean Heather do an astounding job in the supporting cast.

Double Indemnity remains one of the best film-noirs I have ever seen, and honestly, I can't stop praising it ever since I first saw it. The book is equally excellent, but Billy Wilder's adaptation reaches a completely different and unique level of perfection.

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