Candyman ★★½

Film #9 for Hooptober 8.0

Nia DaCosta's sequel to the now-classic urban slasher masterpiece from the early 90s is an expertly crafted thriller with outstanding photography, a good ensemble cast, creative direction ... and a severely disappointing script.

While this sequel attempts to tackle a continuation of the interesting cultural subtext and mythology of the original, its approach is muddled at best and ultimately leaves us without any character development, without even the hint of an interesting story.

That makes it all the worse because the rest of this film is so watchable, but the director's undeniable creative vision is undermined by not having much of interest to say. Director Nia DaCosta is aiming for the right things here, and her directorial vision is clearly well-shaped and ambitious; unfortunately, the story is not.

Also, can anyone explain to me the relevance of the bathroom scene with these annoying school girls? Completely detached from the rest of the plot, while also making the film feel so much more unfocused.

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