Bullitt ★★★½

"I thought that, money didn't matter to artists."
"It costs money to have a soul."

Bullitt is the iconic San Francisco police drama of the late 1960s that has shaped an entire genre. If you loved The French Connection, Friedkin's wonderful crime thriller with Gene Hackman, consider Bullitt to be a warm-up for that film, especially since both share the same producer. It's questionable if The French Connection could have been possible without Bullitt shaping the path for everything it does.

Today, this is mostly known for Steve McQueen's incomparable charisma and the iconic, eight-minute car chase through the city of San Francisco. It might not be incredibly exciting by modern standards, but it's so sharply executed and astonishingly edited that Bullitt still hits the mark more than fifty years after its release. The film does not quite have as much character as The French Connection, which I kept comparing this with in my mind throughout its runtime, but it's still a really solid crime thriller.

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