Avatar ★★★★

The embodiment of a movie that's three stars at home, but five stars in a cinema. This has been made for the glory and spectacle of the biggest screen possible.

Avatar has always been somewhat middling for me when I watched it at home. I have written before about how Avatar does not do much for me upon repeated viewings in a home setting, but seeing how much I loved the theatrical experience now just goes to show how this was made for the big screen. Now that I finally took the opportunity to catch it for the first time upon its re-release to cinemas (never saw it during its original theatrical run), I absolutely fell in love with how intricate and beautiful the visual touches to Avatar are.

I still think the plot is not enough to hold up over multiple rewatches, Sam Worthington's (lack of a) screen presence still gets me to roll my eyes, and the dialogues are embarrassing at times, but this movie still manages to transport me into the forests of Pandora with a level of immersion that makes it hard to think of other films that did it just as well.

If the mission of re-releasing Avatar to theaters was to raise excitement for the upcoming sequel, they certainly accomplished what they set out to do. I honestly don't care what the nay-sayers have to say about Cameron dedicating himself to four more movies in this universe, I'm excited for which direction the series will take.

2009 | James Cameron | Sigourney Weaver

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