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  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller
  • The Servant
  • Women in Love
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

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  • The Great Beauty


  • The Legend of Zorro


  • The Hunted


  • The Men Who Stare at Goats


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  • Oppenheimer



    Christopher Nolan has firmly cemented his status as a filmmaker whose films will have audiences storming to the cinemas no matter what. Before Oppenheimer was released, many people doubted Nolan's ability to convince moviegoers of going to see a three-hour historical biopic, but he proved them all wrong. By any means, along with Barbie, Oppenheimer is a win for cinema after a series of box office disappointments this year.

    The film itself is one of astounding ambition. Nolan manages to…

  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

    Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One


    The Mission: Impossible series is one of those rare blockbuster franchises where each entry tops the one preceding it, with Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie consistently crafting high-quality action spectacles since they first started their collaborations. Whether or not this tops Fallout and Rogue Nation – I am not completely certain yet and will have to re-watch these films in the future. But the differences seem marginal, so what's even the point in deciding which one's better or not. Since…

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  • The Great Beauty

    The Great Beauty


    "The most important thing I discovered [...] is that I can't waste any more time doing things I don't want to do."

    The quintessential rumination on aging, regret, spiritual crisis and mortality. Toni Servillo plays a writer and journalist who got caught up in the extravagant lifestyle of upper-class Rome socialites and enjoys a life of relentless celebration and rowdy spectacle – until a health scare leaves him disillusioned with his life and choices, slipping into a mental and spiritual…

  • The Hunted

    The Hunted


    An ice-cold cat-and-mouse thriller that sees Tommy Lee Jones facing off against a murderous Benicio del Toro, both men of few words and knowing well what the other is capable of: a retired military trainer is tasked with tracking down a former student of his who he taught all his tricks and tactics and who has now betrayed his services to the US government after PTSD from his involvement in the Kosovo War left him uncooperative and seditious in the…

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  • Dune



    "An animal caught in a trap will gnaw off its own leg to escape. What will you do?"

    So, Dune. Easily the most highly anticipated movie of the year for many, which is inevitably going to lead to some reactions of disappointment. In my book, Denis Villeneuve transcends all my high hopes with his visually striking adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic novel.

    To get it out of the way first, the major criticism of Dune so far seems to be…

  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    "Actually, really knowing someone doesn't mean anything. People change. A person may like pineapple today and something else tomorrow."

    A sensual and deeply emotional film that captures what feeling is all about. Kar-Wai Wong portrays love as a fleeting gesture, a sense, a memory. But just when love can be the most beautiful thing to happen to someone, it can just as easily be a delusion, a mistake: for what if you fall in love not with the human being,…