Bullitt ★★★★

It’s a real time capsule for a few things. One being old San Francisco, you just can’t make this movie today, no way a cop can afford a place on that salary. Two, the action scenes are a such a throwback. Still up there as an all time chase scene, and the film has more to offer than just that. No words, no score, just engines roaring, and cars hitting pavement. Adds a more realistic, and believable side to the film. Nothing flashy or showy, just loud cars, fast driving and that’s all you need. Get a good few shots in to boot, and you wonder why too many films nowadays try to overwhelm the audience, with spectacle and crazy stunts. Too many times it’s lame and doesn’t have the desired effect. It’s funny to see this after watching a of Dirty Harry sequel and some Eastwood movies recently. While McQueen could have had the zingers that Eastwood gets, McQueen gets them from time to time, but more often than not he’s just a steely blue eyes gaze. More atmospheric almost above it all, and yet very human as no one is as witty as they are in the movies. He has not too many lines, but gets it all across with his face, eyes, and body language. What a legend. Then we get a real police movie that actually shows real police work. Why can’t they do this with action and police films today? Why rush the fun, let the tension build why don’t ya?

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