Zodiac ★★★★★

With director's commentary

Watched this again as a little bit of inspiration for a friend's short film. But the utter focus and detail put into every aspect of the investigation is striking. And it really sets itself apart from other serial killer films by just focusing on how the brutality affects people or even a community for years to come. Fincher and Harry Savides have already mastered digital cinematography with just their first crack at it, with all the precise movements and dollys you come to expect from a Fincher picture (making that a phrase now btw). But also this might be one the most tightly edited films I've ever seen, with a runtime of 2 hours and 45 minutes and not a moment feels out of place or uneven from a pacing perspective.

Also might have one of my favorite soundtracks that really gives the film it's own rhythm and adds to the theme of time slipping away from the investigators and journalists. I really admire how much dedication Fincher puts into something that could have been a simple genre piece, but elevates it to something truly special. I can say without a doubt, one of my top 10 favorites films right now.

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