Think this would be more conflicting in terms of its harsher material if there was something actually emotionally provocative or artistic about the way this story was told, but this has the emotional nuance of dropping a bomb in someone's lap. But even outside of one of the most dire scripts this year, this thing is a technical disaster. Performances range from middling to grating, the images are at times pretty but has about as much consideration for what it conveys emotionally as its themes, the edit's a fucking nightmare that never ends and the attempts at experimentation feel like the lazy man's End of Eva if it was about 50s Hollywood up to using the fucking iPhone aspect ratio for more than one shot. Even the Nick Cave & Warren Ellis score, something that should be an easy plus for the film feels a punchline at times. Feels like the peak parody version of prestige arthouse. I see where people are coming from with the Fire Walk With Me comparisons, but frankly that feels like the cinematic equivalent of the Jesus restoration painting.

Its frankly impressive how Andrew Dominik has been able to release two different films this year, one that feels like a deeply vulnerable beautiful project and then this.

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