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“I think all movies are worth watching.” - Jafar Panahi
"Twice the pride, double the fall." - Darth Tyranus

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  • Street Trash

    Street Trash


    Street Trash is dirty and disgusting. I saw a negative review on here describe it as basically a Troma film in everything but name, which is essentially true. For me, however, that's a positive.

    I dare say this film is much more sophisticated than even the best Troma films, a lot of which can be credited to director Jim Muro, who would go on to be one of Hollywood's most sought-after steadicam operators. There is some wonderful camera work in…

  • Audition



    Audition plays like such a straightforward drama film for so long that when you get to that moment with the tongue and the fingers, it really jolts you out of your seat.

    Something I love in a horror movie is when it creates a genuine sense of revulsion in me. You watch enough of this shit, you kind of become desensitized and it takes something really brutal to shake you up. This film does that for me, specifically in a…

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  • M*A*S*H



    I'm sure there are lots of different types of people in the world, but when it comes to MASH, you generally have fans of the movie and fans of the show. Plenty of people like both, though they more than likely lean towards whichever they saw first. I saw MASH the movie for the first time when I was somewhere in the vicinity of 12-years-old. I didn't see an episode of the show until I was 32. One day I…

  • Fried Barry

    Fried Barry

    I didn't exactly like Fried Barry, but there were things about it I appreciated. It's a bit funny a times, weird enough to keep me watching. I might not have dug it, but I'm glad I watched it.

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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie

    I kind of like when movies put all the credits at the beginning of the movie. Not your bog standard opening credits, but the full blown credits, all of 'em, soup to nuts, stuck right there at the start of the movie. It's especially nice in the era of streaming when so many services want you to start watching something else once the end credits start to roll.

    But then this movie also has end credits. Like, full blown, soup…

  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights

    Film history, right here on video tape. A very good movie. Possibly the best, I dunno, I love it. Tonight I’m thinking about the inhale Roller Girl makes when she takes Dirk into the supply closet, how my favorite music cue in the film is “Boogie Shoes,” the expression on The Colonel’s face after he first sees Dirk’s cock, everything about Michael Penn (his performance, his style), and how Dirk organizes his clothes by color as well as designer.