Scream ★★★★

SPOOKY SEASON has begun...

It’s so much fun!

I’m not really a slasher movie person, my issue is i don’t find horror films scary so I never really enjoy them. Scream however is just pure genre bashing fun that knows it’s not scary and is so incredibly self aware of it’s own conventions that it references them and plays around with it.

The story is your classic murder vs Virgin girl plot but it brings a refreshing take on it with direct references to countless movies (all of which have made the spooky season watchlist) as well as this the soundtrack, cinematography and audio cues are all so flamboyant and recognisable that you can’t help but point at the TV whenever a violin scratch jumpscare happens and laugh.

A great way to both make fun and reinvigorate a genre. Certainly worth a watch.

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