The Master

The Master ★★★★

A lot of people crave about Paul Thomas Anderson's work... I am not one of them. A lot of people will say "There Will Be Blood" is a masterpiece, I would disagree, it was a really good film though. This film, "The Master", staring Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman, is a really good film as well.

A WW2 veteran(Phoenix), befriends a cult leader(Hoffman). They form an unusual relationship, as the Master tries to "save" this Joaquin's character.

+ Stellar acting, Joaquin Phoenix is at his best...again!
+ Well written, a good story
- Hated the music
- Thought Amy Adams was underused
- Felt a little messy at times
- Did not feel satisfied with the ending

Definitely worth a watch!


Direction - ★★★★½
Acting - ★★★★★
Writing - ★★★★★
Cinematography - ★★★★½
Music/Score - ★★½
Editing - ★★★½
Sound - ★★★★