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  • ...And God Created Woman
  • And the Pursuit of Happiness
  • … But Film Is My Mistress
  • 100 Boyfriends Mixtape (The Demo)
  • 11'09''01 September 11

Every Film Available on The Criterion Channel

2,277 films

Everything on the brand new Criterion Channel Streaming service. (As of01/17/21) Sort list by last added for latest additions (there…

  • Django Unchained
  • Whiplash
  • The Big Short
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Spirited Away

100 Movies Bucket List - Poster Series

67 films

Received a scratch-off poster listing 100 of the must-see films in your lifetime. Re-watching all previously seen films.

  • Ex Machina
  • The Witch
  • 20th Century Women

A24 Screenplay Books

3 films

Recently bought all the screenplay books from A24 in New York. Gotta watch the film too.

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • The Darjeeling Limited
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Wes Anderson ranked

9 films

My personal ranking of one of my favorite film directors, Wes Anderson. Feature films only.

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Django Unchained
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • What We Do in the Shadows
  • Arrival

Quarentine Movie Party Ranked

102 films

Everything that I've watched during the 2020 self-isolation quarentine. Then I rank them because competition. Thought it'd be fun to…

  • Kajillionaire
  • Wolfwalkers
  • Shithouse
  • The Father
  • Sound of Metal

Top 10 films of 2020!

10 films

2020 was a wacky year for not just cinema, but the whole world. A lot of films were pushed back…

  • Midsommar
  • Parasite
  • The Lighthouse
  • Uncut Gems
  • 1917

Top 10 films of 2019

10 films

This was my first year logging all my films and it was a total blast. Love the little community I’ve…

  • The Florida Project
  • Good Time
  • Get Out
  • Lady Bird
  • Paddington 2

Top 10 films Of 2017

10 films

Based off how I currently feel about these 2017 films and rewatch-ability.

  • Eighth Grade
  • Free Solo
  • Annihilation
  • Hereditary
  • Mandy

My top 10 films of 2018

10 films

I didn’t start logging till just recently so I might have missed something/there are things I haven’t seen yet.  And…