Blade Runner ★★★★

It's not on the same masterwork level as director Ridley Scott's earlier sci-fi horror work of 'Alien', but Blade Runner is nonetheless very impressive in its own right as an influential & effective sci-fi thriller that continues to resonate, and is rather engaging the whole way through despite it being more of a slow-burn.

The striking visuals throughout and equally profound score utilized from start to finish are both distinct aspects that undoubtedly make this film what it is today, and they certainly immerse one into this dystopian future of Los Angeles quite well. Critical & dramatic themes are also explored in sharp fashion, too.

Performance-wise, Blade Runner succeeds on that front as well, with Rutger Hauer being the best one out of them all needless to say, and Harrison Ford additionally does an admirable job at suitably portraying a more subdued lead here than in some of the other films he's starred in.

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