Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★

While the original Blade Runner likely didn't need a direct sequel in the long run, Blade Runner 2049 nevertheless succeeds as a worthy follow-up in a rather strong matter all thanks to director Denis Villeneuve who respects & carefully builds upon its inarguably renowned predecessor in more ways than one, and ultimately creates one of the more better sci-fi features in recent memory.

Just like with the original, Blade Runner 2049 is even more of a slow-burn with a runtime at almost three hours, which no doubt affected my score a bit as a few leading parts were undeniably lethargic. However, the film never really lacks in many other sections when it typically comes to these particular aspects. The overall narrative at play, and of course the absolutely breathtaking visuals (which were admittedly more vibrant, & rich in color than its cloudy, & distant predecessor) throughout kept me immersed just about the whole through.

Performances are also vastly strong for the most part as well. Ryan Gosling delivers yet another notable performance here, and continues to favorably impress as he certainly has had a fair share of top-notch roles he's played this past decade. In addition, it was great to see Harrison Ford back in this sequel even if he was in it for just a brief while, and I definitely thought the film reasonably concluded his respective story quite well for the time being.

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