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This review may contain spoilers.

(Part 2/2 of Scream (2022) and Scream VI double bill)

Probably my new favourite Scream sequel. The change of location to the Big Apple itself was fantastic as it led to some of the best and most nail-biting set-pieces in the entire Scream franchise. Sam’s trauma was explored in interesting and meaningful new ways. I love how this film explores how easily people can be manipulated to believing false narratives in this age of social media and how that ties in to Sam’s story.

Gale Weathers was a highlight here after being reduced to a glorified cameo in this film’s predecessor. It was also cool to see Kirby return and play a bigger role this time around. Her back and forth with Gale was hilarious. Sidney’s absence thankfully didn’t detract much from my overall enjoyment of this film.

The subway scene was a masterfully suspenseful sequence but I was distracted by all the wonderful horror movie costumes, having this film set around Halloween was a perfect choice. Opening scene was both unexpected and subversive, just when you think you know exactly where it’s going it hits you with a big surprise.

Jenna Ortega gets more to do this time around and she really chews up the scenery. Jasmin Savoy Brown was once again so full of energy as Randy’s heir, getting to explain all the rules of a franchise in an amusing way. Plus, I love how this film really tied the entire over-arching franchise together.

My biggest complaint is the actual killer(s) reveal itself, it was slightly underwhelming and when the reveal happened it wasn’t nearly as exciting watching things transpire as it was in this film’s predecessors. I also think you do really have to suspend your disbelief on the fact that all the ‘core four’, Gale and even Kirby make it out alive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad but them mothetfuckers got butchered beyond repair.

Overall, Scream VI is a fine addition to easily one of the most consistent horror movie franchises that continues to subvert, delight, entrall, shock, scare and entertain me, and many others, decades after the original.

Scream 7 has been announced and to be honest, I’m not mad, this did feel like an end but if there’s more money to be made then why the fuck not?! I’ll be there! I was skeptical about this one too but the commentary was biting and the kills were frightening. I do like scary movies, ghost face, especially ones featuring you

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