The Room

The Room ★★★★★

Many people criticize Wiseau but they don’t understand the brilliance of his greatest work “The Room”. The Room while it may look like a mess presents one of the most fascinating and intriguing questions to cinema today. If a films quality is being questioned by the directors intentions, would removing all traces of the creator from the movie make it reasonable to declare it a masterpiece? Without knowing the creators intentions you would not be able to declare whether technical decisions were made purposely or accidentally, so what evidence do you have that every scene and choice made in the film has a brilliantly significant or maybe symbolic/metaphorical meaning? For if that were the case then it would be necessary to declare it a masterpiece. Tommy Wiseau disguises the Room as a hilariously bad movie on the surface but in reality he is truly questioning how we determine a movie’s quality based off of the creators intentions. The film serves as more of a piece of art questioning our judgement then a movie.