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  • Bloody Hell

    Bloody Hell


    Absolutely insane and I loved it. As fucked up as it gets with twisted villains and an equally fucked up motivation for their acts. I'd already seen Ben O'Toole in Nekrotronic but he killed it here. Not only does he have the biggest part but he also has to play both the main character and his sarcastic subconscious and he nails it. His motivation involving Maddy is really well done and gives him depth. The movie's dark and not afraid…

  • Attack of the Demons

    Attack of the Demons


    Interesting movie. Takes a while to get started and the plot isn't anything that big or different but the animation is really good and for a basic "survive town full of monsters" plot is good. Overall I liked it and its cool to see an animated horror movie. Would be a great halloween movie.

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