The Little Things

The Little Things

this movie wants to be Se7en so fucking badly. even opens in a scene that echoes a scene from Zodiac. but a picture at the level of a Fincher film this is certainly not

Malek easily gives the most interesting performance, if not always the best. it's a curious role for him and as a result it's hard to take your eyes off him

the scene where Denzel goes to Rami's house for a meal has maybe the worst editing i've seen since Bohemian Rhapsody. i'm not joking go back and watch it. there's so many cuts it gave me a headache. not to mention the scene is completely devoid of any meaning or interesting drama. Se7en has a very good dinner scene between a divorced detective and his partner's family so of course this film decided to do one. and of course it's not good

the most blatant rip off of Se7en comes at the film's climax, a scene so reminiscent of the classic that it comes off as predictable and lazy. i will say that the closing 15 minutes or so after this event is thematically interesting (maybe for the first time in the film) if also done very heavy handily

i've shit on this film a lot here but there are some enjoyable moments. the script is dialogue can be atrocious at times but there are some good scenes. i'm a big fan of this genre so i was always going to like it at a base level since movies like this don't get made nearly as often as i would like. this also means i have a pretty high standard for these films though

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