Little Women

Little Women ★★★★½

"Can't believe childhood is gone."

There's a moment in here where the character of Mr. Lawrence slowly walks down a flight of stairs to hear Beth playing the piano. There's a clever rhythm to the blocking and timing of the scene, so that when Mr. Lawrence bends down to sit on a step to listen, Beth stops playing. It's such a subtle, simple little touch from Gerwig that I couldn't help but point it out in this review. So much is subconsciously set up from that little action. I loved it.

There's a real palpable sense of energy to the entire film. Paced really well, and the time jumps are really in the benefit of it. This is my first time experiencing the Little Women story, having not read the actual book or the previous films, so the jumps can become confusing the odd time, but I quickly picked up on whether it was a flashback or not. But it really helps the story move along.

Gerwig's blocking and scene structure have also really improved since Lady Bird. Can't wait to see what she directs next!

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