Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Absolutely perfect.

It's no surprise this has connected with thousands of people when the Daniels have told a very gentle and careful story about family. Family is everything, Family is everywhere.

I think the directing in this is miraculous and I cannot imagine how hard it was to actually direct. It really, really hit me on this watch of just how impressive the beats are. And how good they transition into one-another. I cannot imagine the amount of restless pre-production they've had to of gone through.

Also the wardrobe! Those damn costumes are amazing! My favourite outfits no-doubt are the white bagel-void costumes and when Stephanie Hsu falls down the stairs during the finale & all of the dresses end up merged. Gorgeousss.

Everything Everywhere All At Once will forever be a gigantic inspiration to me. Solidifying my passion for making movies.

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