Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions ★★★★★

*Extended Cut*

I don't think I've ever had a movie experience this evocative in my life. I mean that with complete honesty. Where do I even begin?

No, not "extended". Do not let the "extended" title mislead you, this edit is insane and is almost an entirely different movie from the theatrical cut. Not just some silly extra shots or a couple new lines of dialogue, no. There are entirely new scenes, characters and a completely different third-act. The only thing that remains basically untouched between the theatrical and extended cuts is the 2nd act. It's fascinating.

I basically got a sneak-preview of the, (possible) third Escape Room. Teases what these completely new antagonists will do in the future as well as completely ditching the airplane sequence at the end of the theatrical cut. Although this edit still ends with the hilariously abrupt cut to dubstep credits like the original.

Still a very fun and engaging watch. I love watching these guys solve puzzles and scream at each-other.

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