Dune ★★★★½

I think it's time to actually write out my thoughts on Dune. This is my 3rd watch in theaters! I don't think experiencing this on a big screen will ever get old - but it's time to finally get my thoughts off my chest. My thoughts might not be perfect since I'm still processing a lot.

The consistent bull imagery in this fascinates me the most. Whether it's the stone bull carving, the miniature bull fight or the bull head on the wall - all of it holds great significance. I'm still trying to piece together what it truly means, but it's a great part of Dune to think about and talk about amongst friends.

I think what takes me back every time I watch this is just how damn good the sound design is but how bad the mixing is. The 'thopters sound perfect, the echo's of bagpipes still send chills down my spine and the worm noises will break your theater's speakers. It sounds incredible, but also don't let that fool you - an uncomfortable amount of the dialogue is incomprehensible. A fair bit of the time it almost sounds like they're talking through a pillow. Even in IMAX I noticed this. Important pieces of information are being communicated to the audience amongst metal exploding and Zimmer's earth-shattering score.

I aspire to make a movie that looks as good as this, though. Goddamn the scale of this never ceases to amaze me and make my jaw drop. Not since Godzilla (2014) have we gotten a movie this GIGANTIC. Ships bigger than mountains, wider than our own moon. It's insanely impressive how huge and new Dune feels. Of course, every single scene of this movie was filmed on Earth, but never did it feel like it was. Every setting felt fresh and rich with history. History that's not our own and it's a huge tribute to the book. Dune is authentic as hell. Denis & Grieg should be very proud of themselves.

Yes, the ending leaves you hanging. It's a weird spot to cut the first half of the book at, but you do you Denis. Regardless, I'm still excited to be wrapped in this films arms dozens of more times. Dune is game-changing.

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