Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★

I was always confused by friends that weren’t allowed to watch Temple of Doom because “the guy gets his heart ripped out.” I was never phased by anything in the movie when I was young. Watching it now, however, I kinda get it. This movie goes from goofy slapstick to brutally dark on a dime, which is cool and terrible at the same time. The second half of this movie is much better than the first half, if even just because the production design is really impressive (especially during the minecart chase.) 

Temple of Doom seems to be an amalgamation of every adventure serial George Lucas read growing up, with all their weird racism, sexism, flat characters, and bad humor. To be honest, this whole movie feels like a Frankenstein creation of what Spielberg and Lucas thought worked in Raiders, but much it ends up falling flat; Temple of Doom tries to be shocking™ yet ends up being somewhat boring.

I’m harsh on this stuff because I love Indiana Jones so much, and I still like this movie- I just wish I loved it.

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