M3GAN ★★★½

"This is the moment we kick Hasbro right in the dick."
I'm not sure whether to give this a 3 or a 3.5.
There is some depth to this movie that I didn't expect regarding the trauma children have at the loss of their parents and the lack of a substitute parental figure/using tech in place of actual parenting (i.e. Alison Williams' neglect and inability to parent a kid suffering trauma which causes a monster killer doll to be created).
But then there's just an average killer doll movie also going on here. One that could use some more blood and kills to it. But M3gan the AI killer robot doll is fun though, like her girlboss personality well enough, her face is unsettling and creepy also.
Also, not quite as many constant jump scares here as I would expect. I mean there's some (dog jump scare got me) but not to the frequent degree of PG-13 horror films like The Invitation or Prey for the Devil.
There are also some nice Robocop satire vibes to this at times. It's nice it doesn't take itself so seriously but at the same time is not completely goofy.
It works very well when Megan or M3gan goes wild and starts singing, dancing (she's got some moves!) around or running on all fours, pulling the ears off little kid bullies named Brandon and causing them to be hit by cars.
Was thinking Alison Williams was going to be an unlikable lead possibly here but then by the end she turns out to be alright.

She's got some great lines too (Jenna Davis is good at voicing the doll like some sociopathic teenage serial killer), not sure about her being a horror icon yet.
Will have to have her battle Chucky in a sequel for that.
I'm hoping for an unrated cut on home video. But this does prove you can do a PG-13 horror film and it still be good.
Surprised still at the high critical reaction on Rotten Tomatoes.
But then again for a movie in January I'm surprised it's not shit.
Yes, though like The Invitation they kind of put the whole stupid movie in the trailers.
That one OTT asshole kids toy CEO guy was fun if generic also.

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