8 1/2 is chaotic and surreal and relentless and amazing. I wasn't expecting a large dose of Catholic guilt for Easter this year but maybe I should have been. My sleepy brain isn't capable of reviewing Fellini properly (nor my wakeful one most likely), so I'll just give impressions. There's an incredibly strong sense of pressure on Guido the director. People are always at him at him at him. But this just reflects how he's "at" himself also, as shown with flashbacks of shameful memories from his life. All this ultra busy social stuff is happening in readiness for his film but he doesn't even know what the film is going to be about. It's like a nightmare where you are going to be completely exposed to everyone but you're temporarily avoiding exposure by lying. The scriptwriter is like his inner critic that hates every idea he comes up with. In one scene the producer takes him at night to a set where he is building an enormous, elaborate rocket and launcher - but is it even meant to be in his movie? Someone says, "No constructor would build this. It all rests on sand".

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