Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★★

a big dumb expensive-looking epic by a director who likes to make big dumb expensive-looking epics, so what's to hate? the white-washing, yeah, not great, but i have more of an issue with the bloodless swordfights mandated by the $200 million dollar budget. i mean, come on, out of all the films that ridley scott should have a director's cut for, THIS is the one that would benefit the most from that, and yet... we're just stuck with this weird revisionist/atheistic take on the bible that's afraid to be brutal & gritty, which is what it needs to be, because ridley's real good at that. exodus isn't bad, it's quite stupendously-made in several respects, but it's also just obviously compromised in a way that so many modern hollywood films tend to be obviously compromised.

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