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Death Note ★★★★

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Oh, this is my 100th film of 2017. That's cool

What can I say, unlike most people so far I really liked it. Adam Wingard's Death Note is very different from the anime, and comparing it to the anime will probably lead to a distaste towards the film. The cat and mouse game between Light and L has been dumbed down, well more specifically Light has been dumbed down. It feels like Wingard wanted to make a movie about a different guy finding the Death Note, but he also really wanted L to be in the movie. Like I get it dude, L is cool but if you're keeping one you gotta keep the other.

The cinematography and lighting is always fun and kinetic. The music in it is good too. I like how this version of Light kills people in tons of different ways than just heart attacks. Willem Dafoe is the best Ryuk a Ryuk can be. Casting any famous actor other than him would be blasphemy. Keith Stanfield also does a great performance. He stands out in everything I see him in so I hope his fame continues to escalate.

While the strategy of the show is cut down, the murder and manipulation is still entertaining enough to keep me greatly interested.

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