Spencer ★★★★★

different ways to start this review: 
             2) *cries non-stop for 117 minutes*
             3) frank from Always Sunny saying                 “oh my god. I get it.”

I don’t think I expect to feel some much anxiety while watching this but from Kristen’s stellar performance to the camera keeping these long very up-close, and claustrophobic shots of her just piled on so much pressure into each scene. And then the bits of fantasy and “visions” woven into reality would have me questioning everything that was happening in the moment. I loved this so much, and I really do hope Kristen gets that Oscar for this because she ate it up. I loved the score and cinematography. Especially the whole hazy look to most of the scenes and the fog that lingered over it all. And even though I talk about how anxious this made me feel, by the end we experience this amazing release of it all along with Diana and are left with an ending that really made me feel at peace.

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