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  • The Tragedy of Man
  • Miss Lonely
  • The Long Day Closes
  • The Neon Bible

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  • Sister Death


  • Malice


  • God Is a Bullet

  • Santa Claws

Recent reviews

  • Jaffa: The Orange's Clockwork

    Jaffa: The Orange's Clockwork


    Why couldn't we just plant oranges peacefully instead of *gestures wildly* all of this?

  • Aku Rindu

    Aku Rindu


    Such a squandered potential.... With better script, I really think this movie could work....

    While there's no 'muh big brain symbolizm' shot, the cinematography was quite good, as it captured the beauty and uniqueness of Larantuka. And the acting was decent as well. However the script really gave no wiggle room for the actors to develop their characters beyond a preset of traits and characteristics deemed acceptable at representing the ideals of a 'gentle cop' or 'dutiful wife'; as was…

Popular reviews

  • Trailer Town

    Trailer Town


    I fear for the day when A.I. finally discovered this movie and see that humanity has outlived its usefulness

  • Night Train

    Night Train


    One of the best 'living in a society' movie I've ever seen. The imagery just perfectly captured the bleakness and hopelessness of the situation. And damn it, I love those kind of things since I also live in a nightmarish industrial hellscape