Tombstone ★★★★½

Maybe one of my favorite movie viewing experiences as Tombstone is my friend Summer’s childhood touchstone so watching this with someone who holds it in such high regard is fascinating. It’s a great movie but a 2h10 western is not what you’d expect a 10 year old to love. Her teeing up every line and swooning every time a TB ridden Val is on screen is wild. For a long runtime, it’s pretty jaunty that’s to rich cast of 90’s character actors. The film blends its nostalgic for western pictures and wanting to present an accurate depiction of these infamous men. Early 90’s was a magnificent time of western revival and Unforgiven is dark and pensive and all but Tombstone does that with style.

I realize there’s some many gruff, sweaty, macho, hot guys to choose from here but yo, Michael Biehn fucks.

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