The Black Phone

The Black Phone ★★★

Not a movie that blows my mind but Black Phone is another solid Blumhouse product. It maybe under values its strongest elements which are the menace of Hawke and the novelty of the phone itself. The movie has to overcome child performances that are spotty and a little sister that is too much Shining. The 70’s aesthetic and Scott Derrickson’s love of Super 8 footage connect perfectly in an era of milk carton missing kid paranoia. If this movie had been a two hander between Finney and the masked assailant than I would be singing its praises. The villain is often sidelined, setting up eccentricities that don’t pay off. We do get a hilarious James Ransone cameo whose idiot characters are never wasted on me. Not a bad horror movie but is very face value and bargain store King.

Though Black Phone is better than the actual King movie we got already this year.

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