The Master

The Master ★★★★

One of the films which takes a couple of watches to really get the full scope and mastery of, which shows such a progression from the earlier Anderson material. The super fluid narrative which his other best works like Magnolia & Boogie Nights had seems to have fallen away to provide something almost devoid of narrative. However, this provides a basis upon which he can extend his visual sense, to something approaching perfection and allows him to really flesh out and explore the characters.

The acting is unbelievable I mean the really genial but aggressive when engaged character of Hoffman is perhaps his best performance, and Amy Adams gives a really subtle but powerful performance as the controlling force. Joaquin Phoenix gives a raw and primitive performance and the scene in the jail cell is brilliant.

As far as films about the cult of religion go, this is among the best of them presenting how seductive this situations can be built upon the pure charisma and draw of one person and their personality.